Before classes in the morning you can stop by the library between 7:30 and 7:45.

During the rest of the school day, you must have a library pass signed by a teacher to come to the library. Be sure to leave your pass at the circulation desk and sign in. If you need to leave the library temporarily once you arrive, sign the sign-out sheet on the circulation desk and ask the librarian for a hall pass which is good for five minutes. Sign in again when you return.

After school you may study in the library between 2:20 and 3:00. Again, you must have a pass to the library, signed by a teacher. Sign in just as you would during the day, and be sure to have your pass signed again when you leave.


Out of respect for other students, only quiet talking is permitted in the library. Come to the library prepared to work quietly, and show your best citizenship. Eating is not permitted while using a computer!

If the librarian considers your behavior inappropriate, you will receive a verbal warning. If your behavior does not improve, you will be asked to move to another seat or return to your class. Good library citizenship means that you come to the library with a purpose -- to study, do research, find a book, use a computer for school work, or ask questions. Please respect other students who are working in the library.

The internet and several online services are available for all students who have a school account. The internet is to used for school related research only. "Surfing" must be for academic purposes only. Students may not access sites with inappropriate language or pictures. If such a page appears, you are required to exit the site immediately.

Games, entertainment sites, sports sites, music sites, etc. are only to be accessed when they have a specific academic purpose.


  • BOOKScan be checked out at the circulation desk. You may keep books for three weeks and renew them once if no one else needs them. The maximum number of books you may have out at one time is five. If you have overdue books, you must return them before you take out more, even if the number does not exceed five. Please do not check out books for your friends. You are responsible for books checked out in your name. If your friend loses a book that you checked out, you are still responsible.
  • REFERENCE AND RESERVE BOOKS can be checked out at the circulation desk. You may have these books after school (2:20) and they must be returned to the circulation desk the next morning so that other students can use them during the school day. There are a limited number of reference books that do not circulate at all. These books are to be used in the library or you may ask a librarian to use the copy machine to copy a few pages.
  • MAGAZINES- Magazines can be checked out for three days.
  • OVERDUE LIBRARY MATERIALS- A few days after your library materials are overdue, you will receive an overdue notice in your Advisory. If you do not return the materials, you will continue to receive overdue notices. At the end of the trimester, you will not receive your report card until your overdue materials have been returned or paid for. There are no fines for overdue materials. If you think there is a mistake in your overdue notice, see a librarian promptly. The mistake will not go away unless we try to fix it!
  • REQUEST FOR BOOKS- If a book in the library collection is checked out by someone else, you may ask one of the librarians to hold the book for you. You will be notified when the book is available for you to check out.
  • SUGGESTION FOR PURCHASE - If you know a book you would like to read and you think others would like it, too, make your suggestion at the circulation desk and the librarians will consider the book for purchase.

ARMS LIBRARY TUTORIAL VIDEOS - Click HERE to learn more about using the library through these short videos