The Recommended PreK – 12 Information Literacy Skills Standards fall under eight broad categories:

  • Standard 1. Define an Information Task

    Students will be able to define problems competently and identify information needs.

  • Standard 2. Develop Information Seeking Strategies

    Students will be able to develop strategies to find information relevant to their question or personal need.

  • Standard 3. Locate and Access Information

    Students will be able to access and gather information efficiently and effectively.

  • Standard 4. Use Information

    Students will be able to evaluate resources for their appropriateness, select the best and extract the most relevant information.

  • Standard 5. Synthesize Information

    Students will organize new information from multiple sources to construct a product that communicates the results of their research.

  • Standard 6. Participate in Collaborative Activities

    Students will participate effectively in groups to pursue and generate information.

  • Standard 7. Evaluate the Process and the Product

    Students will evaluate both the research process and the final product. This may include both self and peer evaluation.

  • Standard 8. Appreciate Literature

    Students will gain an increased enjoyment of literature and grow in their abilities to locate and select appropriate reading materials independently.

(from Massachusetts School Library Association, October 2008)

Massachusetts Standards:

National Standards: