1. Select your country from the chart
  2. Find the "Facts& Figures" box
  3. Click on "More Facts & Figures" at the bottom of the "Facts & Figures" box
  1. Find the tab labeled "World" and select the region where your country is located; then choose your country
  2. Use the box at the right of the page to narrow your search
  1. Click on the region of the map that includes your country
  2. Select your country from the list
  3. Narrow your search by choosing a category
(The CIA World Factbook is a good resource for statistical information and short answers; ex. population, GDP, % rural and urban,
literacy rate, life expectancy, employment rate, poverty rate, government, education level, imports/exports,
% of people with different types of jobs - religions - languages, etc.)
(Encyclopaedia Britannica Online is a good resource for textual information; ex. climate, vegetation, land forms, historical events)

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