ARMS Library Resources about Islam and the Muslim Experience

MATH (and ART)
  • Marvels of Math by Kendall Haven (especially a chapter on al-Khwaizmi and the invention of "zero")
  • Introduction to Tessellations by Dale Seymour and Jill Britton
  • Multicultural Mathematics Materials by Marina C. Krause (see pages 36-40 on tessellations)
  • The Multicultural Math Classroom: Bringing in the World by Claudia Zaslavsky (see pages 156-160 on tessellations)

  • Science in Early Islamic Culture by George Beshore

  • Iqbal: A Brave Boy from Pakistan and Malala: A Brave Girl from Pakistan by Jeanette Winter
  • Twenty-Two Cents: Muhammad Yunas and the Village Bank by Paula Yoo
  • DVD - Muslims: An In-Depth Look at What it Means to be a Muslim in the 21st Century (120 minutes)
  • DVD - What is Islam? (20 minutes)
  • DVD - Islam: Empire of Faith (180 minutes)
  • BrainPop Videos - Malala - Malcolm X - Ramadan (See librarian for login information)

  • Muslim Child: Understanding Islam through Stories and Poems by Rukhsana Khan
  • 19 varieties of gazelle: poems of the Middle East by Naomi Shihab Nye
  • The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story by Rebecca Hickox
  • The Persian Cinderella by Shirley Climo
  • Tales from the Arabian Nights: Stories of Adventure, Magic, Love, and Betrayal by Donna Jo Napoli

  • Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad Ali by Charles R. Smith